EFF, CloudFlare Demand Not To Enforce Music Labels’ Trademarks

CloudFlare and EFF pleaded the federal court for not pressing internet companies to enforce music label’s trademarks. The appeal was in counter to become trademark and copyright enforcers and that the labels obtained in secret. Inopportunely, the court denied the challenge and ruled that the secretly-obtained order applied to CloudFlare. This fire is far from […]

Essentials of Server Hardware

Users are baffled with the question as to what hardware should be considered for performance, cost and uncomplicated maintenance. Making the right choice becomes a cumbersome task. This critique intends to give the reader some idea and tips for choosing and dimensioning servers and hardware. Usually hardware comes under least consideration when choosing a web […]

Beginners’ Tutorial for Drupal Web Hosting

After having a domain name and deciding on the website, the next step is to opt for hosting plan. A hosting plan that performs effectively, efficiently and comes at an affordable price. One such plan is Drupal for content management system. Drupal suggests the following: 1. Apache (with mod_rewrite) 2. MySQL 5.x 3. PHP 5.3 […]

Why Your Web Host is Significant

Hosting one’s own content is not an issue but doing it without relating it with content that is not hosted by a service is out of the question. Whether it is known or not, everything that one does on the web gets through some type of web hosting service. There are certain things that one […]

IT solution that cut Infrastructure and Hosting cost by 50 percent?

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.(AMD), a worldwide semiconductor company has secured an IT solution that cut Infrastructure and Hosting cost by 50 percent. For highly responsive website, implementing web software and hosting is beneficial. Two-fold lesson is available for IT managers and leaders. First lesson disclose many tasks with in-house servers demands and employee effort for […]

Has Parallels re-branded its Service Provider business unit as Odin?

OpenStack Foundation has declared parallels as new gold member of the foundation during meeting at OpenStack Summit in Vancouver. Parallel upgraded its service business unit as odin as Gold membership under Odin Brand. Company focused on two different areas. Improving integration of containers virtualisation within OpenStack compute layer and working within community to help optimize […]

How to select Right Hosting Service Provider?

Website performance depends on quality and features offered by Web Hosting provider. Web host will help to increase user experience. So web host should be selected carefully. Following are some basic key points which will help to choose hosting partner: Well defined agreement : while choosing web hosting companies, first check out their terms and […]

Security flaw ‘Venom’ has influenced millions of servers, Is it allowing access to entire data center network?

Many security vulnerabilities that got fixed recently did not get as much media coverage as VENOM. It stands for Virtuali[s]ed Environment Neglected Operations Manipulation. Identified as VENOM CVE-2015-3456, it is security vulnerability in the virtual floppy drive code used by many PC virtualization platforms. This flaw may allow an attacker to get away from the […]

HTTP/2 arrival suggest thrilling prospects for the web?

HTTP/2 is changing the definition of internet world. HTTP/2 allows more efficient utilization of network resources. It has some improvements like header compression, multiplexed streams, server push, and a textual protocol toward a binary one. HTTP/2 speed up the load process for single or multiple websites. it will allow webpages and browsers to get benefits […]